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Saturday, April 27, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Who we are & what we do

Who we are & what we do

Together we are on a great mission: Keep the lights on!

As a transmission system operator, we build and operate the electricity transmission system in northern and eastern Germany with over 1,800 specialists. We are leaders in the integration of renewables and secure the electricity supply for more than 18 million people. A huge responsibility that we are happy to bear. We transport electricity over long distances, implement offshore grid connections and expand the electricity grids for the energy transition in line with real demand.

What would I like to do at 50Hertz?

What do I make possible through my work at 50Hertz?

As part of 50Hertz, you don't just talk about the energy transition, you implement it.

In concrete terms, this means integrating renewables into the electricity transmission grid, digitising the energy transition, ensuring a strong, reliable electricity grid and expanding it. We are leading the way in putting the energy transition into practice with innovative ideas. Help secure the electricity supply for more than 18 million people and become a driver of the energy transition yourself.

What drives us?

To cover 100 % of the electricity demand in the grid area from renewable energies by 2032 - for a successful energy transition and a future-proof economy.

How will I start?

What is important to us

Every job and every task with us is unique - just like the people who work here: "We think innovatively, act responsibly, value diversity and place an extremely high value on team spirit."

The corporate culture: a lot of appreciation, a lot of competence, a lot of trustful cooperation!

With excellent technical expertise, 50Hertz implements its projects reliably, collaboratively and with the greatest benefit to society as a whole.


Diversity at 50Hertz

Diversity and variety are very important to us. Together with the Belgian grid operator Elia, 50Hertz forms the Elia Group. With us, you are part of a European company in which more and more nations, cultures and diverse talents of people with and without disabilities are growing together.


My work at 50Hertz

You will fit in with us if you love big tasks and responsibility, want to discover new professional perspectives and if a modern working culture is important to you. A culture that is both diverse and inspiring and promotes your personal strengths and interests in a variety of ways.


Work more flexibly with the Flexi Compass

Work-life balance is a matter of heart here, not just an empty phrase. Accordingly, our employees whose work is suitable are given the opportunity to flexibilise their work in terms of space and time in order to better reconcile personal interests and operational requirements. The Flexi-Compass in our job advertisements indicates how flexible the respective position can be

What does 50Hertz offer me?


Fair remuneration and a wide range of social benefits

Flexitime with a long-term time account

37 hour week

30 days of holiday

Company pension

Supported personal development

My starting point for an international career

Are you interested in starting an international career in the energy business? You can do this at 50Hertz, which is part of the Elia Group. Find out about the jobs currently available at Elia (Belgium) and Elia Grid International (Belgium, Germany, United Arab Emirates):

My questions (FAQ)

How can I apply?

You can apply online using our application form. Click on the “apply now” button next to a job vacancy.

What documents do I have to upload?

A curriculum vitae and your relevant (final) certificates are enough. There is no need to write a cover letter. Still, a letter providing more information about you and your reasons for applying will help us to understand your motivation.

How do I use my candidate profile?

If you have already applied for a job at 50Hertz, a candidate profile has automatically been created for you, and you can register from the application form using your e-mail address and password.

You can follow the progress of your application in your profile (account).

How does the application process usually work?

As soon as we receive an application, we send a confirmation by e-mail.

If you do not receive a confirmation, that means your application has not reached us. If this happens, please contact us by e-mail or telephone so that we can review the situation.

We use the applications that we receive to decide on an initial selection of candidates, who are then invited to the selection process, usually a telephone interview.

As a rule, we then schedule a personal second interview (either in person or as a video interview).

Depending on the job profile, the application process may include case studies and/or an assessment centre.

How should I prepare for an initial interview at 50Hertz?

The purpose of our initial interview is to get to know each other and make sure the expectations on both sides are well-matched.

We recommend that you look at the job vacancy details one more time beforehand and think about situations where you have done similar things in the past. We would like the interview to focus on concrete examples from your professional practice.

You should also think about what you would like to find out from us during the interview. Then you can make sure that you have all the information you need after the interview so that you can make your own decision on a firm basis.

Whom can I ask if I have further questions?

If you have any additional questions, please send them here: The contact details of the relevant contact persons are also provided on every page.

How does the job subscription work?

Go to the group of jobs you are interested in (see above “What would I like to do at 50Hertz?”), simply click on the “Job subscription” button there and enter your contact details. That’s it. As soon as we have any new vacancies in your selected area, you will receive an e-mail.

How can I apply?
What documents do I have to upload?
How do I use my candidate profile?
How does the application process usually work?
How should I prepare for an initial interview at 50Hertz?
Whom can I ask if I have further questions?
How does the job subscription work?
My contact person

My contact person

For all questions about the recruitment process and applications:

Dr. Andreas Holleczek

Phone: +49 (0) 30 5150-2180

Send an e-mail

Towards a successful energy transition in a sustainable world

As one of the four transmission grid operators in Germany, 50Hertz is responsible for high-voltage power transmission; high-voltage transmission is the key level for the stability of the grid and a secure electricity supply in Germany and Europe. We are part of a European grid association and work directly alongside colleagues throughout Europe. 50Hertz is part of a European company, alongside the Belgian grid operator Elia: the Elia Group. We work together closely in many key areas. Individual activities such as IT or purchasing are organised at the group level, which means that in these areas’ colleagues from Elia and 50Hertz work in a team from both Berlin and Brussels.