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Trainee programme

What are the benefits of working for 50Hertz?

37 hour week

Company pension

30 days of holiday

Flexitime with a long-term time account

Mobile working

Fair remuneration and a wide range of social benefits

The training programme and me. A good fit?

The training programme and me. A good fit?

You want to:

  • Start your career with a focus on the energy transition.
  • Get to know yourself better and understand what 50Hertz is about
  • Experience working in a range of different working environments (different subjects, teams, ways of working etc.)
  • Join a diverse group of young higher education graduates who are keen to learn and grow together
  • Have opportunities to build your own network of specialist professionals both within and outside 50Hertz
  • Get involved in our programme and make it your own

Is that you? Congratulations! It’s a great fit!

As a trainee at 50Hertz I can get things moving!

In the video, current trainees Elisa and Sebastian offer insights into what the programme means for them. We have also received some “Fair Trainee Programme” awards from the Trendence Institute in Berlin.

Trainee programme at 50Hertz
As a trainee at 50Hertz I can get things moving!

Programme information

In our trainee programme you will have opportunities to get to know 50Hertz in all its complexity before actually deciding about working in one of our individual areas of activity.

The 50Hertz trainee programme covers 24 months. As a trainee, you will spend this time participating in project placements lasting several months each and carrying out responsible tasks in a range of specialist areas within the company. It will allow you to understand both 50Hertz and the energy sector from a number of different perspectives. You will be working at the company headquarters in Berlin and in 50Hertz’s regional centres from which we look after our transmission cables and substations. A multi-month placement in another European country and a placement with a non-governmental organisation are also standard part of the programme. In each project placement, you will be guided by a specialist supervisor, from your kick-off meeting to regular feedback sessions and reflection on lessons learned at the end.

Throughout the programme you will also be supported by a mentor and by the trainee coordination department. Your personal mentor is an experienced person within the company and will regularly make time for conversations with you. You will meet your mentor during the selection procedure, and your first project placement will be from October to December in the mentor’s specialist area. This means that you and your mentor will be working together from the beginning of the programme, creating a strong foundation of trust and collaboration.

In addition to the multi-month trainee placements, you will also have opportunities to see the work done in other selected specialist areas, through selected experience placements. You will be learning more about the company’s specialist work through regular presentations and meeting the company management and the works council at personal “local trainee” meetings. You will receive continuing training through selected courses; take part in regular excursions and have opportunities to extend your personal network through a range of different events. This includes participation in the European trainee network “The NETT” (The Network of European TSO Trainees).

Frequently asked questions on the trainee programme

What college grades do I need to apply?

These roles are only intended for higher education graduates with a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

How do I apply?

At times when trainee jobs are being advertised, you can apply using the online application form.

What should I do if I want to upload more files with my application than there are upload fields on the application form?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send us a larger number of files than the upload fields available. The best approach is to collect all your documents into a single PDF document and send this to us.

I am currently still completing the final part of my course. Can I still apply?

If your course finishes before the end of September, you are welcome to apply. Please send us a certificate of your current grades up to now, then simply send us your final grades when you receive them.

The trainee programme is delivered at several different locations. Do I need to move house each time?

No, your main location for the trainee programme will be our headquarters in Berlin. All placements outside Berlin are temporary and you will be assisted by 50Hertz in finding temporary accommodation.

How long does the trainee programme last?

The trainee programme covers 24 months and begins on 1 October.

How many placements will I have during the trainee course?

The training schedule is tailored for each trainee. Each trainee placement is usually for three to four months, and in some, you may be offered a shorter placement.

Will I get a job at the end of the trainee programme?

We explicitly aim to offer a permanent job after the successful completion of the trainee programme.


Trainee on the 2020/2022 course: Electronic and information engineering – Energy engineering and renewable energy

Through our trainee programme we have the opportunity to find out about a very wide range of specialist areas within the company. This gives you a good overall perspective and understanding of how the different divisions fit together, as well as building a strong network within the company. The atmosphere at 50Hertz is about openness to new things coupled with mutual respect, and a strong sense of identity within the company soon leads to a feeling of belonging.

Trainee on the 2022/2024 trainee programme: Political science, with a focus on economic policy

During my placement in strategic grid planning, I was part of the Project Management Office (PMO) and was able to gain insights into the collaboration structure linking the four transmission grid operators in Germany. In addition to my work at PMO there was enough time left over to use and develop my fundamental programming knowledge and develop a workflow optimisation tool. I am currently supporting maintenance measures in a regional centre.

Trainee on the 2022/2024 trainee programme: Electronic engineering with a focus on electrical energy engineering

I am currently working for the NGO Agora Energiewende, which is the perfect place to make use of the knowledge I have gained at 50Hertz. What I have found so valuable is developing contacts on both sides and the opportunities to share experiences. The next step in the trainee programme takes me to Brussels, where I will be working in one of 50Hertz’s group operations. I am looking forward to getting to know the different teams and ways of working there.


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Engineers and technicians wanted!
Engineers and technicians wanted!

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