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What are the benefits of working for 50Hertz?

37 hour week

30 days of holiday

1,137.23 gross salary (first year)

13th month

iPhone and Laptop

Good opportunities for conversion to employment

I want to make sure the lights stay on

50Hertz is responsible for the high-voltage power grid, which is essential in determining the safety and reliability of the power supply. There are interesting and responsible jobs available, as well as meaningful projects to make our society a better place. As a transmission grid operator, we are working hard to bring about the energy transition. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the energy sector, with strong prospects for the future.

I want to make sure the lights stay on
I want to start an apprenticeship at 50Hertz and make the energy transition happen!

I want to start an apprenticeship at 50Hertz and make the energy transition happen!

Would you like to do something to make the energy transition happen, rather than just talking about it? An apprenticeship or dual study programme at 50Hertz could be just the thing for you. We offer a wide range of opportunities for people either finishing their education or transferring from another sector. We see it as a challenge to provide jobs for our apprentices and dual study trainees after completion of their dual study programme or apprenticeship. We, therefore, provide training where needed and offer a different range of training placements and programmes every year. The video features Johanna – an industrial electronics engineering trainee - working at our cooperation partner enviaM.

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Training as an industrial electronics engineer

Have you noticed that you enjoy mathematics and physics at school? Would you like to use your practical skills in a technical field related to energy? This is all possible on a training placement in industrial electronics engineering. During your placement with us over one and a half years you will receive fundamental training in many aspects that you will need for your subsequent career. This will also involve our cooperation partners in an area close to the workplace where you live. During your placement at 50Hertz you will get to know the company and the main types of work done by a transmission grid operator - particularly in primary or secondary engineering, involving either substations or overhead power transmission. This involves installation and maintenance of electrical installations, as well as measurement, control, and regulation systems so that you ultimately have the best possible working understanding of our switching and control installations, substations, and transmission systems.  After finishing your training, you will have a wide-ranging knowledge, allowing you to obtain further qualifications in various specialist areas, for example as a nationally qualified engineer working at 50Hertz.

We offer training placements for industrial electronics engineers at the following locations:

  • Güstrow
  • Berlin
  • Wolmirstedt
  • Lübbenau
  • Bad Lauchstädt bei Halle
  • Erfurt-Vieselbach
  • Chemnitz-Röhrsdorf
  • Neuenhagen bei Berlin

You can also access the following training placements at our office in Berlin:

  • Adminitrative clerical officer
  • Industrial clerical officer
  • IT specialist in systems integration

I want to start a dual study programme at 50Hertz

Dual study programme in electronic engineering / electrical energy engineering

We offer the dual study programme in electronic engineering / electrical energy engineering every year in collaboration with Bautzen Vocational Academy, at our locations in Erfurt-Vieselbach and Bad Lauchstädt.

I want to start a dual study programme at 50Hertz

Dual study in Berlin and Neuenhagen

At our corporate headquarters (the “Netzquartier”) in Berlin and our control centre in Neuenhagen, we also offer the following dual study programmes every year in collaboration with HWR (Berlin School of Economics and Law):

  • Industrial electronic engineering,
  • Business informatics,
  • Information technology,
  • Business administration, with a focus on industry,
  • Technical facility management,
  • Construction engineering.

Practice placements as part of the dual study programme at 50Hertz will differ for placements in each division of the company. Throughout your studies, a mentor will be available to help with detailed arrangements and planning in this area.

Comments from our junior staff

Student on a dual study programme in industrial electronic engineering

Since my study placement at 50Hertz I have been enthusiastic about the exciting challenges presented by the energy transition. This is what makes 50Hertz a future-oriented and crisis-proof company for training in the region. The high quality of the training provided is clear from the fact that a named mentor provides personal support to trainees. Other highlights are the “apprentice/dual study programme student” trips, which take twice a year and are a superb opportunity to meet new people.

Former commercial office management student

50Hertz is a company with a good reputation for training, whose values chime with my awareness of environmental issues This was confirmed in everyday practice: In the departments, I have visited up to now, the induction process was very useful, and I encountered friendly colleagues who provided me with advice and help as soon as I started the placement.

Dual study programme student in business informatics

We had several onboarding days, where we had the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the company and with working life. Early on I had meetings with different people who provided explanations in a wide range of areas. This helped me to gain a good overall perspective on the company. The coolest things, however, were the events organised outside normal working time, such as team days, Christmas parties, YES meetings, apprenticeship trips, the employee party, and the site meeting.

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Engineers and technicians wanted!
Engineers and technicians wanted!

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